Fostering Differences to Promulgate the Strength and Durability of Canadian Diversity
Supporting the mandate of the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Canadian Multiculturalism Act by building on Canada's strength as a diverse and inclusive society.
LASSA is a settlement and social services agency that started in 1989 by concerned Canadians
as a response to persons experiencing forced departure as a result of internecine strife in war torn Near Eastern countries. LASSA strives to provide the highest quality services to facilitate and expedite the settlement and integration of new Canadians in general and Arabic-speaking ones in particular.
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Settlement, orientation, education and integration of Refugees, Newcomers & Immigrants into Canadian society, and the provision of all necessary social services in furtherance thereof.

Promoting Diversity

Fostering and promoting an understanding, learning and appreciation for traditions and diverse cultures in Canadian


Promoting and supporting humanitarian and charitable causes among all members of the Canadian community in collaboration with community partners and government services.

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