Multicultural Women's Forum - Toronto
February 21st, 2019

Building Equal Opportunities for Women of All Origins

This event has ended – thank you for participating.

Are you a Newcomer, Marginalized Woman or Settlement Service Provider?

We welcome you to attend the Multicultural Women’s Forum which aims to inspire conversation and build recommendations on addressing barriers to economic advancement facing immigrant women in Canada today. The forum will create a positive and welcoming space for newcomer women’s challenges and successes to be shared and heard by other women and individuals working in the settlement sector.  Panel discussions will showcase journeys of success, as well as leading employment support programs and initiatives, providing an opportunity for newcomers to become informed on the broad range of support services available to them and also offer women the opportunity to identify service gaps and provide suggestions for collaborative action.

If you identify as a woman and are over 18, please join us for this opportunity to:

  • Connect with a panel of successful immigrant women and hear their stories
  • Share your strength and challenges in securing gainful employment
  • Network with employment support initiatives
  • Voice your concerns and ideas to settlement/social service agencies
  • Discuss barriers to economic advancement facing immigrant women
  • Your voice is important, register today to join us in identifying services gaps and put forward recommendations to assist women of all origins have more equitable opportunities!

Economic security and achievement are often a catalyst for wider social inclusion and positive integration within Canadian society. However, new residents and racialized women continue to be over-represented in low-paid, low-skill jobs, and have a harder time securing pertinent and gainful employment despite their levels of education and experience. Recommendations generated from this Forum for the settlement sector will be shared at the Fostering Differences to Promulgate the strength and Durability of Canadian Diversity project’s closure conference in Ottawa this March 2019. We hope that the women who participate will also walk away with new connections and avenues for support.

Location: Founders Hall, The Peoples Church, 374 Sheppard Ave. E., Toronto, ON
Date: Thursday February 21st, 2019, from 9:30am – 2:30pm

This event is organized in partnership with COSTI Immigrant Services and Toronto Centre for Community Learning and Development.

This event has ended – thank you for participating.

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